Hello Fresh Review

Monday, October 6, 2014 0


ost mornings when I exit the tube station amongst a rush of other people, all of us running late for work, there is someone waiting to give us things. Some, such as Time Out, I reach out for, most I hurry past. About a month ago, I was handed a £25 off gift card for Hello Fresh, in their own words they “deliver delicious recipes and the exact ingredients to your door every week.”

With full price £36 (for 3 veggie meals for two people, meat ones are £2 more) it seemed pretty steep to me, but with the voucher I figured I’d try and then cancel it straight after. As I am writing this I just got my second (full price!) box, so it’s safe to say that I’m convinced. The premise is simple, every Monday (though you can pause if it you need to, as I did due to my awesome holiday: more on that soon) you get the recipes and ingredients for 3 to 5 surprise meals. There is a classic and a veggie box, though I wish there was a hybrid veggie plus fish option too… I think you can swap recipes with the classic box, but not with the veggie, though I personally love the element of surprise. Getting that box with all its goodies feels like Christmas! I am very lazy and I eat out way too much, but do enjoy cooking and have been trying to do more of it. More often than not that means throwing the random remains in the fridge together in the hope that something will come of it for me Hello Fresh wins in two major ways.

1) You learn new recipes, I want to add dishes to my not very long repertoire that I can make again and again and this way I can keep the recipes and get my own ingredients.

2) If I ever try to follow a new recipe, inevitably I would not buy or substitute a lot of the ingredients, because often you are required to buy particular ingredients especially herbs of which you need very little amount and are unlikely to use again. As a result it never tastes like it should. With Hello Fresh you get all the ingredients with the correct amounts and that makes a difference.

In my first box I had a mushroom risotto, something I actually make myself on a regular basis, but cooking the mushrooms separately in butter and thyme made all the difference and added a really nice flavour to the finished dish.

The highlight was the absolutely delicious courgette tart, which I can’t wait to try making again! Looking at the ingredients I was wondering where the flavour would come from and feared the end result would be rather bland, however I was proven wrong. Pan frying the courgettes, prior to cooking the tart, made them very crispy and full of flavour and with the sun-dried tomatoes it worked really well.

And my third dish were fairly simple fajitas. Yet another dish I am very familiar with, however with something to make it a little different. In this case I particularly enjoyed the addition of lime flavoured sour cream.

If anyone is interested in trying, they have great introductory offers and even if you were to immediately cancel, I really recommend giving it a go.