No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life

Samuel Johnson

If it is a cliche of a quote to begin on, it is a cliche for a reason and especially apt in my case. I have been a frequent visitor of London town for years, I have been a bona fide Londoner for just over a year and in that time I have seen more theatre than it’s generally acceptable in polite society and though I am trying hard to eat out less, I’ve been to an indecent number of restaurants, add to that a ton of exhibitions, ballet, live music, immersive theatre/cinema etc and you get the idea. It might be an addiction, but instead of admitting I have a problem, I might as well share it. (After all sharing the problem, is halving it?) As one friend described it, I am making the best of living in the city. Another friend asked if I was afraid I’d get London burnout, to which I replied that’s impossible.

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