Hogwarts in the Snow – Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

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he temperature has dropped to hover around freezing, but still it refuses to snow in London. I shouldn’t complain too much, the sun is shining and the weather is perfect for staying indoors all snuggled up, which is exactly what I am doing right now.

My winter has not been completely snow free however, a couple of weeks ago I went to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour, which has undergone a holiday makeover.

Since Warner Bros opened its doors to the Harry Potter sets, I have wanted to go. I have been a massive Harry Potter geek ever since my mum gave me the first book back in 2001. I’ve read all the books a number of times and I’ve seen all the movies. The movies, especially the first couple are far from perfect, but as soon as the theme tune starts playing, I get a tingle of excitement, they capture the magical world so wonderfully.

When the books finished at least we had a couple more years till all the movies came out, until it felt like the end of Harry Potter. In the few years since the last movie, I’ve felt like something was missing over the Christmas period.

What you get at the Warner Bros tour is a little taste of the magic. It’s incredible, as you see the real sets, costumes and props used over the years in all 8 movies. And until February 1st, it’s Christmas at Hogwarts! The Great Hall is beautifully decorated, the tables are covered with a feast and what was the highlight for me the model of the Hogwarts castle, which will be very familiar to any fans of the movies as it was used to film many outdoor scenes, is covered in snow!

I can keep talking or I can show you, I was surprised that they allowed us to take as many photos as we wanted and I did my best to capture as much as possible.

Hogwarts ModelHogwarts! In snow! The model is so beautiful.

PortraitsAll the portraits inside the castle

The Great HallThe feast in the Great Hall


Hogwarts bridge

Chocolate feastThe chocolate feast from the Yule ball, some of the chocolate creations are real!

Chamber of Secrets doorThe door to Chamber of Secrets, the snakes actually move!

Trophy roomTrophy room, the trophies also move!

Gryffindor common roomGryffindor common room

Potions classroomPotions dungeon, this is so cool, with self stirring cauldrons and creepy things in all the jars

Deatheaters Snape, Deatheaters and Nagini

Potters' CootageThe Potters’ Cottage

Umbridge's OfficeUmbridge’s desk at the Ministry of Magic

Marauders' MapThe Marauders’ Map! So beautiful, they were selling copies in the gift shop, but I managed to resist.

Diagon AllyDiagon Alley was so cool, you can walk amongst all the shops!

Diagon Ally shop


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