Let The Right One In – A Retrospective

Monday, July 28, 2014 0



s I’ve already mentioned, I love me a West End transfer, I see it as a second chance to see something I missed the first time around. FOMO is the YOLO of 2014, I’ve been told, but maybe I’m a trend setter, because I’ve always had fear of missing out when it comes theatre. But as much as I try to see all the things, it’s not always possible, so I hope for a transfer. And in the cases where the original run is critically successful and sold out, often enough it happens.

If possible, seeing the original run is always my preferred choice, as these tend to be smaller theatres and cheaper. (I saw The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime during its National days for £6 – standing day ticket and best £6 I’ve ever spent) But even in cases when I’ve seen the original, the return always makes me happy as it gives me the opportunity to pester all my friends, to go see this thing right now!! Run, don’t walk!

This is all a long prelude to say that Let The Right One In is brilliant and that while I saw it at the Royal Court in December, it is now on at the Apollo till the end of August and I am seriously tempted to go for one of the many deals that are out right now and see it again.

As is often the case, I went in completely unprepared, not having seen the film or read the book or even a synopsis. I knew there’d be vampires and that was it. What I was unprepared for was a beautiful, eerie, but very human (I’d ask you to forgive the pun, but if you stick around you’ll see I have a penchant for terrible puns) story about isolation and love, about facing your bullies and your mother’s alcoholism. The stage is spare, silver trees, a lone lamppost and a climbing frame that is pivotal in a climax that made me forget to breathe for a while. Oh and also ask an usher at the end as to how exactly did they do that, was it magic? Technically, no, though set design is magic to me.

Oh and sure, there are plenty of gory bits, even one or two scary ones, but if you are in for your typical horror story, then you are missing the point, and you should probably go for Ghost Stories (I give it a solid 6 out of 10) or even better The Woman in Black.

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